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Calculate Holiday Pay

Employers – Help is There to Calculate Holiday Pay!!!

Holiday pay seems easy but when you throw in Bank holiday calculations, leave calendar, carry over holiday it can all become quite confusing. But don’t worry the government is here to save us!!! Well that’s never quite the case but they do have an on-line pay calculator. We often Read More...
Flexible Working

How do Employer’s Manager Requests for Flexible Working?

Following coronavirus, lockdown and working from home many employees have been reflecting about their lives. Some cannot wait to get back to “normal” whilst others will wish to change the way they work to fit the way they wish to live their life. So as an employer what does it Read More...
New Employees

The Secret of Successfully Onboarding New Employees!

So, you have just invested in recruitment costs and time to find that great employee. It may have taken you three months from identifying a need in the business and getting that great person to join your organisation. They are excited, they can’t wait to add value to your business Read More...
Work From Home Policy Writing

Have You Got a Work From Home Policy?

The trend towards more flexible working may have started a number of years ago but Covid-19 has put this trend on steroids and will have a lasting affect on how people work. If you decide that having your employees working from home suits your business make sure you have a Read More...
Employees support HR

How to Successfully Onboard New Employees

I am often surprised when I see companies going through the painful, and expensive process of hiring talented individuals into a company to leave them on day 1 to “sink or swim” in the new role. Over 25% of new employees leave – or do not pass probation – in Read More...
job advert writing HR

How to Build a Job Advert that Targets Great Candidates

Recruitment seems simple – post a job advertisement, wait a few days for a great person to apply, hire them and live happily ever after! If that were true then there would not be a big – and quite lucrative – recruitment industry. There is a skill to recruitment and Read More...
HR Support in local area

What are the signs that your business needs HR Support?

Let’s be honest….the need for a Human Resources Department is often considered a low priority area within a business and there is a tendency to give more attention to other aspects of the company that will have an immediate impact on the core business. However, many successful business owners realise Read More...
2021 budget help

2021 Budget – Impact on your People

Furlough Scheme Extension through to September 2021 The furlough scheme – which pays 80 per cent of employees’s wages – will be extended until the end of September. However government’s contribution will be reduced from July 2021 – with employers asked to contribute alongside the taxpayer for the cost of Read More...
Hr services - help me

What are Your Legal Obligations as an Employer?

Starting a successful business is difficult enough without having to worry about the legal obligations of employing people. But the reality is that the cost of getting things wrong could be ending up paying a large fine or ending up in an employment tribunal. In this blog we’re hoping to Read More...
Staff Appraisal Assistance HR

Staff Appraisal – What’s the point?

As an outsourced HR provider one of the top reasons new potential clients contact us is that they have an employee with performance issues. Our first question is around whether or not the employee has a clear job description and regular review of their performance. More often than not one Read More...
working remotely for business

How to Give Constructive Feedback When Working Remotely

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, and many people working from home, giving constructive feedback and managing staff remotely has become a challenge for many small businesses. Here are a few tips to help you continue to give appropriate constructive feedback when your staff are working from home in difficult Read More...
Redundancy HR support

What is Best practice for Redundancy.

Let's face it making people redundant is not nice or anything that any owner or manager looks forward to doing. But often it is critical to the ongoing survival of the business and there is a right and wrong way of doing it.
HR Services for local firms

2021 – The 5 Big HR Changes Facing Businesses!

1 - NEW IMMIGRATION SYSTEM 1st January 2021 any employer wishing to recruit from outside the UK must comply with the new point-based immigration system. EEA nationals arriving in the UK from 1st January must comply with the new rules.