Concerned about your Employees Mental Health? There are Free Resources Available that can Help

The discussion about Mental health in the workplace has moved from being Taboo – or even sneered and frowned upon to becoming central to having a successful people strategy. However, with the onset of Covid and the subsequent isolation and fear felt by some people, this is now a prominent issue that all employers need to take seriously.

So, what can an employer do? Well employers are not psychologists so active intervention is not definitely not recommended. But what employers can do is ensure that in the workplace employees have the opportunity to raise their hand if they are having issues and be heard. There are also free resources that could be a first point of call for people trying to manage their mental health. In this article we look at some of these resources.


Mind is the UK leading mental health charity, they offer a wide range of resources for those seeking more information, guidance or support with their mental health. Mind have also developed a comprehensive repository of resources for employers looking to introduce more robust mental health and wellbeing support for their employees called Mental Health at Work.

NHS audio guides

The NHS has created a free to listen to audio guides on mental wellbeing. These are developed to help a listener’s mood. These bite sized guides have been created with doctors and cover everything from coping mechanisms for low mood and depression to anxiety control training and confidence building.

Living Life to the Ful

Living Life to the Full is a free library of online resources and courses that have been developed to help people build resilience and improve their wellbeing throughout life. It caters to all sorts of conditions so whether you are experiencing anxiety, low mood or indeed have a long-term condition then there is content tailored to your needs. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy experts have developed Living life to the Full.

Calm 10-Minute Meditations

Calm is a leading app for sleep and guided meditation; however, they have also developed a series of free to access videos of YouTube called ’10-Minute Meditations’.

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