Holiday pay seems easy but when you throw in Bank holiday calculations, leave calendar, carry over holiday it can all become quite confusing. But don’t worry the government is here to save us!!! Well that’s never quite the case but they do have an on-line pay calculator.

We often get asked the same questions around holiday payb&so here we try to answer some of the most common questions.

Are all types of workers entitled to holiday pay?

Well employees and workers are but self-employed people are not. However as there are increasing cases of self-employed being classified as workers it is not that straight forward to say they are excluded.

What should be included in order to get to the holiday pay calculation?

This is something that stumps even the best of employers and needs some serious thinking time to work out. It is also an area that has changed considerably over time. As a company you will need to include all contractual and normal pay including overtime, commission and bonuses. The trap here is to work our what “normal” actually means. If a person “normally” works and is paid for additional hours over and above their contracted hours for example then it is normal.

Can an employee decide to go on holiday whenever it suits them?

As an employer you can refuse holiday requests providing refusals are not unreasonably applied. A top tip for employers is to have a holiday policy and include the notice required for a holiday request in the employment contract.

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