What are the signs that your business needs HR Support?

Let’s be honest….the need for a Human Resources Department is often considered a low priority area within a business and there is a tendency to give more attention to other aspects of the company that will have an immediate impact on the core business.
However, many successful business owners realise that as they grow that they are dealing more and more time with internal HR issues that take up considerable time, are complex and managers may not have the knowledge or training to deal with effectively. The following is a list of things that leaders find themselves having to deal with.
Managing complex employee issues.
Managing Performance issues.
Guidance on employment legislation.
Recruitment and retention issues/needs.
Helping to avoid Tribunals.
Low levels of employee engagement.
Training and Development of employees.
Compliance with employment legislation.
Redundancy and restructure.
Covid-19 and Furlough.
Despite Covid-19 we have seen an increase of communication with our existing clients as well as increased enquiries from new clients.
Aside from the Administration side of the business, a dedicated HR Consultancy can help stimulate your companybs growth through staff training, boosts of morale, and productivity.
Free up your time to focus on core activities in your business – You are an expert in your field, but perhaps it is time you considered looking for someone to help out with the complex areas of employee legislation and have experience in managing high performing employees.

Retain great employees – If you have an employee turnover issue this is an alarm bell for your business and will be costing you money. If people are unhappy, they are less productive and successful individuals will decide not to stay in your business. A HR consultancy can help you identify the issues but also help implement solutions to address this.

Avoid costly mistakes by not following employment legislation – Far too often employers get to employment tribunals not because they have been unfair to their employees but because they have not followed the correct policies and protocols when trying to address performance or conduct issues. A good HR consultancy will not only avoid expensive tribunals but will guide your organisation to dealing with issues effectively and getting the best out of your employees.
A great HR consultancy will save business owners time, money and retain great employees which result in increased productivity.
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