What are the benefits of outsourced HR support services for small businesses?

When starting a small business keeping costs low, particularly in the early days, is critical to getting through the first months and years. But as you prove your business model is working and you hire more people there will come a tipping point where the value of your time gets more return if you are working “on your business” rather than “in your business”. So you need help to take away the important activities that you have to do but don’t necessarily create value in your business. At this stage outsourcing can be a very cost effective way of giving you back your time and getting people with expertise to manage these tasks for you. As a business you could decide to work with an outsourced provider on a one-off project before deciding to partner on a retainer basis. What are the benefits of outsourcing your HR processes?

Contracts, policies and staff handbooks – I remember an old boss saying to me that the best contracts are the ones that you sign, put in a drawer and never have to look at again. He meant that a contract sets out the terms but that if you then build trust on the other side that any disagreement can be resolved amicably. This is trueb&however as a business owner you need to be ready in case you are unfortunate enough to get into a situation where things cannot be resolved amicably. Here having a clear contract and policies tailored to your business will give that framework to ensure everyone is clear on their responsibilities. We work with our clients to first understand their business before drafting tailored and contracts of employment, policies and staff handbooks which are also compliant with UK employment law.

Managing your staff to get the best performance – We guide you through your toughest staff management tasks, from organising holiday pay and sick leave to disciplining or dismissing workers. But our focus is always on helping you to do everything possible to address performance or conduct issues early with your employees and get them to perform to expected standards. If you employ people then you will at some stage have to have a difficult conversation. So a good outsourced HR provider will help you navigate these situations with a view of getting to the best outcomes for your business.

Employment tribunal support – If you are unfortunate enough to end up in a tribunal, we can give you advice and support on how to manage this process. However, by following our advice early on the risk of ending up ion a tribunal and losing a case is greatly mitigated.

If you are a business based in London, the Thames Valley or Berkshire or and looking for one off HR projects support or ongoing outsourced HR then you can contact us through our website www.optimahr.co.uk or alternatively you can call us on 0203 086 8387. We offer free 30-minute HR consultation on any HR topic.