What is Best practice for Redundancy.

Let’s face it making people redundant is not nice or anything that any owner or manager looks forward to doing. But often it is critical to the ongoing survival of the business and there is a right and wrong way of doing it. Trying to avoid hard conversations can often lead to bigger issues and mismanaging redundancies can be very expensive and disruptive for employers.

ACAS, CBI and the TUC issued a joint statement to businesses on 24thB September 2020 recognising that redundancies may be necessary, but they also remind employers clearly of the best practice principles which should be followed if redundancies prove absolutely necessary and all other avenues (part-time work, cuts to overtime, redeployment) have been exhausted.

Best practice principles

  • Be open. There are rules for collective redundancies involving 20 or more employees, but, whatever the scale, the sooner people understand the situation, the better for everyone.
  • Be Thorough.To understand what’s happening, people need information and guidance. Staff representatives need proper training.
  • Be Genuine. Consultation means hearing people’s views before making a decision. Be open to alternatives put forward by individuals or unions, and always give feedback.
  • Be Fair. All aspects of the redundancy procedure should be conducted fairly and without any form of discrimination.
  • Be Empathetic. The way an employer lets people go says a lot about the organisation and its values. Prepare and think about how you will handle the conversation and whether it will take place face-to-face or remotely.

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