Five advantages of Using Outsourced Human Resources Support Services for Small Businesses

Employing more people is a sign that your business is experiencing growth. As an entrepreneur this is incredibly exciting rewarding. But this is also a time when the complexity in your business is growing and your time is being absorbed by activities that, whilst important, do not help your business grow.

What is the right contract of employment? Do I have the right policies in place? Am I putting down the right framework to get the most from my employees?

This can be the signal that it is time to outsource your HR and get some expert support whilst you grow your business. So, what are the benefits of getting a business to help you with HR projects?

Peace of mind that you are operating safely –The breadth, complexity and constant evolution of employment law is often little understood by employers. The burden of complying with these rules and regulations is on the employer. Often employers lose tribunals or pay fines not because they have actively treated an employee unfairly but because they have not followed the correct process. Having the right contracts, policies and ongoing support not only ensures the employer is always supported to achieve their objectives and treat their employees fairly.

Free up your valuable time You are an expert at what you do in your business. So, by taking HR off your list of things to do it frees up valuable time for you to continue growing your business whilst having experts deal with all your human resources activities. You should not be spending time on developing a compliant contract of employment when there is a new sale pitch to win or product to develop.

Expert Support in managing your people to perform – What would be the value of getting 10% more productivity in your business? Getting the most out of your people is key. It is about having the objectives in place, a process to review performance and, where performance is not sufficient, a way for the company to manage this with the employee. Your HR partner will be able to help you devise and manage an appraisal and performance plan.

Cost effectiveOne of the benefits of outsourcing your human resources is that you can scale up the service and costs as your business needs grow. Initially most organisations start with one off project support but as they grow, they may then require more ongoing support and therefore enter into a flexible monthly retainer relationship. Whichever option businesses go for it will be considerably more cost effective than hiring a full time HR employee inhouse..

Trusted people advisor to help your business meet its objectives HR is often interpreted as a transactional activity that enables businesses to be complaint. Yet businesses, particularly those in industries where their people are critical to the value of their product or service, need to have a plan to manage, develop and retain talent in their business. This is where an experienced Human resource outsourcing company can partner with business owners to help them manage their people through challenges as well as growth effectively.

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