Talking Mental Health During Covid – How to Improve Working from Home

Coronavirus has had varying effects on people professionally, socially and economically. However, something that almost everyone can relate to is the disruption to daily life due to COVID restrictions and lockdowns.

This can lead to worry and anxiety stemming from feeling a loss of control. The nature of a pandemic is that things change, sometimes daily, to protect health and the economy. That said, continued disruption to daily life can take a toll on mental health and well-being.

Importance of Structure and Routine

Finding routine amongst the chaos can help you, and those working in your business, to stay focused on important tasks. It will also help keep stress to a minimum. Routine, however small, can have a positive impact on mental health and well-being. But it’s not about being busy all of the time. A well-balanced routine will include regular breaks to allow a reset and avoid burnout. In addition to mental health there are physical health benefits that can be gained through routine. Daily exercise and a disciplined sleeping schedule are known to both boost health and well-being.

Ideas around how to implement “good” routines in your business

  • Have regular, but think about “shorter”, online meetings with your people and team to avoid “virtual meeting” fatigue.
  • Think about a start or end of day call with your employees. Use it also to understand how they are doing.
  • Establish a diarised call to furloughed employees. Use the call to update them on the business as well as understanding how they are doing.B
  • Where possible allow employees to flex their work hours – It can be difficult to work from home and ensure your children are being looked after. If your employee prefers working during the evening, and the business can cater this, then be flexible.
  • Respect the workday hours – We are all saving time not having to commute. But the temptation to start work earlier and end later can quickly become the norm. This can lead to employees burning out and having mental health issues. So be firm on respecting work hours. Generally, productivity is increased when people know there is a specific timeline to deliver against.

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