Staff Appraisal – What’s the point?

As an outsourced HR provider one of the top reasons new potential clients contact us is that they have an employee with performance issues. Our first question is around whether or not the employee has a clear job description and regular review of their performance. More often than not one or both are not in place. So valuable time has been lost in being able to support the employee to reach desired performance levels, or indeed if this is not possible move on.
We often hear from clients that performance reviews are viewed negatively by employers as a time-consuming box-ticking exercise, impractical to carry out across all staff members in large organisations. But if used correctly it can drive improved performance in the business and employees are better aligned to the business objectives.

A performance review – sometimes known as a staff appraisal – is an opportunity to review the performance of employees, identify areas where they can continue to develop, and help to motivate them.

At a minimum, performance reviews should take place annually, although quarterly reviews are also common across organisations.

What should be included in a performance review
An appraisal meeting should be used to:

  • review aspects of the employee’s role and their performance against previously set objectives
  • identify areas of improvement for the employee.
  • agree expectations and objectives for the following period
  • establish any training and development needs.

Ahead of the meeting, written feedback should be sought from the employee about how they feel they’ve performed in specific areas. This feedback can then form the basis of the review.

Once you’ve discussed the employee’s feedback, the remainder of the appraisal should be used to agree on goals for the next period.

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